Where to start? Do you want recommendations for lunch on the slopes or somewhere for the evening? Do you want a staggering view? Or would you like a lunch that can go on so long, that skiing really does become irrelevant?

Or perhaps you would like to know more about our local secret: dinner in a mountain cabin above the chalet and the kilometre toboggan home which is unforgettable (particularly after a few glasses of wine.) What about walking just 200m down the road to Chez LaYan-ne, our local restaurant, which serves the finest fondue in the whole Alps and lots more dishes as well.

We can help with some suggestions including places that are off the beaten track (but just don’t tell anyone else!)


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In recent years Morzine has increased the range and quality of its facilities to reward the loyalty of the many visitors who return year after year. A new indoor swimming pool for the winter now complements the 50 metre outdoor pool. The Tourist Office square has become a pedestrian area with an outdoor ice rink […]

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